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If somebody has something negative to say about her, it is b/c of their own shortcomings. She would be very forgiving of ASL club students mistakes and very critical of the other students. We never received grades until the very end of the semester so it was impossible to judge progress. She is deaf, which really means that you need to pay attention in class because she is signing all the time. You play games and interact ALOT with your classmates.

You'll have a lot of fun in her class and if you come to class any pay attention you won't have any problem getting an A.If you’re on our site researching Ph D programs in special education, you know what special education is and why it’s so important.In fact, you’re so dedicated to the field you’re considering a Ph D to take your education—and your career—to the next level.At that time I was teaching learners with dyslexia full time, and parents were frequently asking me if their children should not be taken out of language learning.Statements such as, “Well, if they can't learn to read and write in their own language, how will they ever cope with learning French, German or whatever?

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