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I recall seeing a picture of beautiful country singer Shania Twain and her unattractive husband.How could such a ordinary looking guy get such a beautiful woman?The film has little nudity, but because of the frequency and intensity of the language (including near-constant "f--k" and "s--t") and sexual situations (including a scene that revolves around premature ejaculation), it's best for kids and tweens to steer clear.Happily, the movie has a good heart and a good message about learning to believe in yourself regardless of looks, which is perfect for responsible older teens.

Parents need to know that She's Out of My League is like the recent slew of Judd Apatow and Apatow-inspired comedies that are slathered in exceedingly vulgar humor, but also have a sweet, endearing center.

Release Date (UK) – 4 June 2010 Certificate (UK) – 15 Country – USA Director – Jim Field Smith Runtime – 104 mins Starring – Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve This comedy follows the story of American airport security guard Kirk (Jay Baruchel) and his romantic woes.

He is still hopelessly in love with his first girlfriend Marnie (Lindsay Sloane) – who in a bizarre twist has since become accepted as one of the family by Kirk’s parents, along with her new boyfriend.

Us: How did you go about picking which backside would be yours?

JB: Whichever one had the least amount of ingrown hairs.

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