An unexpected error occurred while updating files

To fix this problem requires running some files to fix the registry errors.

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You can easily fix this by defining a WP_TEMP_DIR in your file below.

If you're trying to upgrade Word Press itself, you might encounter this error when trying to update: Hey Nick, thanks a lot for commenting!

However, we are glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue.

Thanks again :) - Jacob Hello Daphne, Yes, the questions will not display unless they are approved due to lots of spammers.Oct 6 installd[83951]: kextcache: Error 107 rebuilding /System/Library/Caches/com.caches/Startup/kernelcache. Under /var/log, the file named (and any variants named x.bz2) will give you the information about the last install.Oct 6 installd[83951]: Package Kit: releasing Spotlight indexing Oct 6 install_monitor[83968]: Re-included: /Applications, /Library, /System, /bin, /private, /sbin, /usr Oct 6 installd[83951]: Package Kit: releasing backupd Oct 6 installd[83951]: Package Kit: allow user idle system sleep Oct 6 installd[83951]: Package Kit: Install Failed: Error Domain=PKInstall Error Domain Code=121 "An error occurred while updating system extension information." User Info=0x7fdc921d6c20 com.prl_usb_connect(7.0 com.globaldelight.driver. Note the files named x.bz2 are older versions of the same file created duting a process called rolled over when the file size of the current file reaches 1000K You need to search your for the string "OSXUpd10.8.2Supp.pkg" which will give you an idea of what happened during your install.and crashed constantly- the only solution was to reinstall In Design and update all CS6 apps - In Design stable again- I retried installing the zxp-files, but again no chance to install with the mentioned unexpected error. Adobe Extension Manager CS6: Warning: accessing obsolete X509 Anchors- is there a special X509 certificate that needs to be valid and present in the keychain for installing add-ons?- I tried to install by Command Line- hangs on ~/Library/Caches/Temporary Items/ZDR004a6e7e. - I tried switching from Java 1.8.x version to my original 32-bit version provided by Apple with no effect- I read about resigning the add-on with ZXPSign Cmd (Version 4.x for CS6) but stucked because I couldn't find a way to sign an existing zxp-file or how to decompile the zxp-file to resign it- some years ago I was able to install add-ons without problems.

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