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There is more difference between 19 that there is between 19.Besides the general look and art work of vintage patterns, the sizing can be a very good indicator.The pattern number is only an indicator of the date on vintage sewing patterns.You can’t use the number alone because the companies would start over again when they got to a certain level.

What was it about me that kept me thinking I was getting the pizza I ordered only to keep having the wrong one delivered?

Of the four major patterns companies in the world today, Simplicity believes it is the worlds largest.

The pattern number is only ONE indicator of the date on vintage sewing patterns.

Old (Patterns from the Past) resells vintage, retro and costume sewing patterns.

We stock original vintage sewing patterns from the 1920s to the present. We only sell the original items, not copies or pdfs.

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Since Advance did not date their patterns, it is difficult to pin down actual dates.

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