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I also provide a "hackers.p2p" list which is direct IPs from [ " These IPs are current known hackers from around the world, and I keep it updated as much as possible. I am extremely dedicated to protecting people not only on Omegle but also on Skype, Yahoo, Msn -anywhere a direct connection can occur.

So, my website again: [ and please share it - sharing helps random people without knowing it. Updated the list with around 150 new IPs Edit: Updated the list but forgot to re-attach. This is also my last update for a while please use the link provided to check for updates with peerblock: [ Edited 1 time(s). Last update for a while, I have updated the list which is now around 1350 lines, and has a range block (A friend found a source of perverts, on a LAN, which was quite large to be honest). I found a problem with some of the "minor" range bans.

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I apologize if this caused you any issues but i will resolve this soon. i see that you ban ip..a lot of home internet connexion work with floating ip...the IP of any internet box change at each deconnection-reconnection..the old one is keep as free, and will be give by the internet ^provider to another client.

so lets go:do you want more tips on one certain topic that i so far completely ignored? Basically, comment below with any updates you've got. Would you like to rec something fantastic you read recently? Hart One thing every writer wants is the opportunity to improve their craft, to hone their skills, and create the most dazzling prose possible. Maybe you’ve been away from the game for a while, struggle with a certain aspect of writing, or perhaps you just want to put your skills up on the rack and give them a good tuning.

(i am posting here what catches my fancy in hope to motivate you to get words down- so if you have something you need to know or read or be motivated on, let me know and i shall dig around the net trying to find something for you)do you have a tip you want to share, but are thinking: "meh"- just pm me or write me a mail smirkingcat[at] yandex. Are you still active in the fandom, or just happy reading? The exercises in The Writer’s Tune-up Manual are more than just writing prompts; you can find those anywhere.

I sometimewatch my connection statue and i never see a connexion ininterrupted more than a few weeks (phone line rupture, mico sector rupture, stop and restart the internet box)....

So i think you ban an ip.this ip was surely provide to another people, maybe e few hours later, not more than 3 ou 4 weeks later..the pervert guy's get another ip...ip ban of the pervert was given to someone else...

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