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Hints and tips for Sim Games are posted on each game page. Pit your wits against the remorseless Artificial Intelligence engine of the Battlefield Academy, in four challenging historical missions.

The martial arts equipment used in the academy cannot be found in the normal buy menus, but can instead be found in the miscellaneous category in debug menu of buy mode.

if you don't scream at me/don't do any of these things you're cool and im sorry that im angry all the time im just sick of people being disrespectful to me.

Guess your OC country will have to wait for somebody else to make a sim date.- Don't make any fucking let's plays on my game anymore y'all are disrespectful as fuck and I'm sick of people trying to get fame off my game while they're insulting me or the game.- The cheat button is HIDDEN. It's not that hard.- STOP SAYING YOU'RE RAPING THE KISS BUTTON WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUp.s.

The computer will be your enemy as you seek to gain tactical battlefield experience.

You will only graduate when you have won every mission.

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