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We are being told now that under no uncertain terms she will ever be able to be released from the loan.

I became unemployed last July & have been unable to find another job & have a new infant to care for as well.

Once your loans are combined into a Direct Consolidation Loan, they cannot be removed.

If you want to lower your monthly payment amount but are concerned about the impact of loan consolidation, you might want to consider deferment or forbearance as options for short-term payment relief, or consider switching to an income-driven repayment plan.

That's nearly two percentage points less than it has been for the past year.

According to Sallie Mae, which owns or manages student loans for more than 7 million borrowers, the new repayment rate for student Stafford loans will be set on July 1 at 4.06 percent.The rates were determined by Tuesday's Treasury bill auction.(The Department of Education is expected to report the official rates by the end of the week.) As a result, if you have one of these variable-rate loans, you'll automatically owe less money for the next year. Whom do I contact if I have questions about consolidation?NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Interest rates on some federal education loans are headed to all-time lows.

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Consolidating your federal loans through the Department of Education is free; steer clear of companies that charge fees to consolidate them for you.

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