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But she posts pictures with one specific person way too much – Jim Cantore, her-cost of The Weather Channel.

Jim, who was also married to Tamra Cantore in 1990, is a divorcee too!

The father of two is just all over Stephanie’s Instagram.

They seem to enjoy each other’s company and have all the fun they can on the sets of The Weather Channel.

David was believed to be dating boyfriend Sean from a longtime.

David has openly accepted that he is a gay and is more interested in boys rather than girls.

Let's run some video of fact-checking in the banners on the bottom of the screens on CNN and MSNBC. DAN ABRAMS: Well, it's a new development to be doing it in the chyrons.

I mean, we've had fact-checking in real time, but it's in the chyrons.

Immediately after that, I had a horrible betrayal where my brother, who worked for me, stole a lot of my money. Here I was, reaching a larger success in my life but simultaneously dealing with this.

Today we will help you to have a glance on his personal life. Pesenti are not yet married, they are sharing a husband-wife relationship.

Now talking about his love life, he has a very charming and understanding girlfriend Florinka Pesenti. They have a lovely son named Everett Floyd Abrams born in June 2012.

Her personal life has had some ups and downs – she is a divorcee who was married to Mike Bettes, who has the same profession as Stephanie.

The former couple is not known to have any children together.

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Imagine you are a general manager of MSNBC, who is also a legal commentator, author and web entrepreneur and an unmarried father.

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