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Many women talk about wanting a well-groomed, clean, handsome man who takes care of himself and his body, and I believe attracting this type of guy starts within.

If you are looking to attract a man who cares for himself and his body, you should care about yourself and your body.

So, when it comes to dealing with dealbreakers, don’t focus only on the dealbreaker itself and the impending relationship doom it could harbor.

Instead, focus on how your partner does or doesn’t deal with the issue.

Men are very visual, and the majority of men report they will not consider dating you long term if they have concerns about your hygiene.

Flirting: This may seem obvious, but apparently some people have a problem with their partner being too friendly.If you’ve known the names of your boy and girl (Collin and Grace) since the sixth grade, you may have just have a dealbreaker on your hands. While this story has a happy ending, the beautiful part is that he was willing to try and work with the situation. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with a partner I couldn’t cuddle up with at night. He said he’d get on exercise regimen to find out if dropping some weight would help. Since that said a lot about how he felt about me, I moved on. For example, Lucious Lush’s new beau is allergic to cats and she is madly in love with her tabby.Here are some of the most common dating dealbreakers: In a recent survey, 82 percent of respondents said they pay attention to how clean their date’s apartment is when seeing it for the first time.In fact, when you ask renters how much of a turn off a dirty apartment is, 78 percent said it was their biggest one!

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