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He doesn’t speak out much, but when he does one can see his wit and wisdom pour out with his words.He is also very close to his family and others that he adores.

She is very cautious by nature, and not one to rush into anything, so don't be misled if her interest appears mainly platonic initially. Nothing gets in the way of a Capricorns plans and ambitions, and they don't like taking shortcuts or cheating as either devalues their later satisfaction.Capricorn always finds Scorpio exciting and deeply intriguing, and Scorpio is sure to find Capricorn equally fascinating and even a challenge.A Capricorn man is a very sovereign and committed person with inbuilt wisdom and persistence.Respect, recognition and praise are important to them, as is their public image.Famous Libra-Capricorn Couples: Marcelo Mastroianni and Faye Dunaway, Lenny Bruce and Faye Dunaway, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

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You, yourself, should put special care into your appearance. She will insist on it in her dogged way, but he’s inclined in that direction anyway.

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