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The retired sportsman denied anything happened on the island between them, besides spooning.'There was a bond there and we knew there was feelings but we decided to let's wait for the show to finish and wait for everything to wash out and let's see what happens in the real world,' he said.

Since filming ceased they say they've been enjoying each other's company, as well as getting their kids together and 'mucking around'.'We were lucky. With all the mergers we managed to stay together the whole time.

It’s a simple statement, but has profound ramifications. And then, in the ultimate expression of love, He died for everyone – whether or not they loved Him.

And so God created all His intelligent beings free to choose to love Him, risking rejection in the process. He served the weak, championed the marginalized, healed the sick and loved the outcasts.

Lee Carseldine and El Rowland spoke about finding love on the tropical island during a Studio 10 appearance on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after the finale aired.

The reality TV contestants revealed - in their first TV interview as a couple - that there was always a bond between them on the show, but now they're giving it a real go. Australian Survivor's El Rowland (left) and Lee Carseldine (right) appeared in their first TV interview as a couple on Wednesday, opening up to Studio 10 about finding love on the tropical island The ex-pro cricketer, 40, and army corporal, 33, responded to the host's questions on whether they were surprised they fell in love, by saying it was a total accident.'We both weren't expecting that to happen and we formed a bond from day one, both in the same tribes and we just had that weird trust between ourselves,' Lee said.

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But God’s love isn’t about yesterday, it’s about now.

Billions of people today find acceptance, strength, purpose and hope in the loving arms of God. In a world where every day there are thousands of things competing for our attention, I’m glad you’ve taken a few minutes to learn who Seventh-day Adventists are.

Mauga and his wife are scheduled to leave on Sunday and they will not return until November.

“The ambulance has been here since January,” Mauga told the Samoa Observer yesterday.

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