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Although she declined his offer of a back massage, Sqd Ldr Macnaughton got the impression that she was attracted to him and that they could embark on an affair. I thought we could take our sexual liaison, our drunken sexual dalliance, further,” he said. I was in shock.” Under cross-examination by prosecutor Rachel Robertson, Sqd Ldr Macnaughton denied inventing the flirting and the kisses in the bedroom to cover up what had happened.He returned to his own room but was later awoken by a noise and returned to the woman’s room to find her in bed with the light off. “I felt we could continue our drunken dalliance and I moved towards her bed. “I never felt, at any point, she would not welcome my advances.” Sqd Ldr Macnaughton said the pair had “an incredibly sexual experience”. He agreed with the barrister that there had been no invitation to go upstairs but denied he had “chanced his luck” with the woman.We are delighted to announce that Matthew Mc Naught has won the inaugural Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize, an annual competition for British and Irish writers yet to have secured a publishing deal, rewarding the best proposal for a book-length essay.Mc Naught was awarded the prize for , an essay about faith, doubt and radical religion, inspired in part by his experiences growing up in an evangelical Christian community in the south of England.She had “kissed passionately” even though their partners were in the room, he claimed, and described her actions as “unexpected and amorous”.After they had retired to separate bedrooms, Sqd Ldr Macnaughton took the woman some water and a “long hug turned into a long kiss”, he said.

She was also nominated for Best Storyline for "Lauren's struggle with alcohol" as well as sexiest female.The pilot, who has been in the RAF for 20 years and has been mentioned in dispatches, admitted that he had initially lied about the incident by claiming that he had committed a “voyeuristic” sex act on himself and had not touched the woman.He told Winchester Crown Court he had feared his wife would leave him and take their two children with her, particularly because he had conducted an affair five years previously.I’m indebted to Hitchin-born stalwart Richard Whitmore for his excellent account of the opening of The Dell back in 1950/51 in his very entertaining autobiography ‘Didn’t you used to be…Richard Whitmore? If you think the weather is miserable on this wet and windy Monday morning, spare a thought for people in our area 320 years ago this very day as the Great Offley Storm hit – killing a shepherd lad and leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.Hitchin and Stevenage may not be the first places that come to mind when you think of the history of the internet – but this week marks 40 years since work started on a world-leading fibre optic link between the two towns that led to video streaming, social networks and more.

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He lives in Southampton, where he works in mental health, and has written for by Felix Bazalgette, an essay inspired by the crash of Corona satellite #1005 in Venezuela in 1964, the history of aerial photography, the use of vision as metaphor, and the lies that sustain militaries.

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