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Nearly every single culture on the face of the earth has some kind of myth about undead, blood-sucking creatures that relate back to vampire mythology.

Naturally, the legends are not all consistent with one another, though there are many common threads throughout the various cultural myths.

It is the red blood cells that we need, and there is nothing in nature that can be used as a substitute for that.

Some websites claim things like ketchup, pennies, V8, and those same websites even claim yogurt can be used as a blood substitute.

We call these people posers, which they are; they are confused lost children. It is for real vampires, curious people, and open-minded skeptics.

The best compliment that you can give to this site, is telling all of your friends about it.

Whether you are looking to date or make friends with others who share your interests, you've come to the right place.

Before reading any farther on this site, This website is not made for poser vamps, close-minded people, or those who think that they are, or claim to be a vampire because they think the spirit of a vampire entered them at some time making them a vampire.The Headache Paradox: It is scientifically impossible to have a headache, seeing that there are no pain receptors in the brain.Yet we continue to search for answers to what causes a headache, because we all know that headaches do exist.Overly processed ones won't work at all, home made should work as well. The legends are true; comparing this blood to any other kind of human blood is like comparing sirloin steak to hamburger.This is a unique real vampire website for vampires as well as the curious.

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