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Obviously I’d rather write my own software as it’s cheaper, more rewarding and you can customise it however you like!

I found that when I was trying to learn how to make C# work nicely with AD there were a lack of simple tutorials to get me started, although I did find a few useful blog posts.

I guess that Microsoft choose not to implement this because of the size pictures can take.

Whatever the reason, you may find that at some point you need to either purchase additional software for managing AD or write your own.

If you where to implement this, I would recommend to only allow black and white photos. Update : It is now compiled for Windows server 2008 R2 by audunms. Anyway, here is his link: Audunms i have written an Active Directory Users & Computers MMC extension to manage the thumbnail Photo ( and Employee Id/Number) – it resizes the selected image to 96×96 for you.

It adds two tabs to the User properties page: I have tested this and it works as a charm on Windows server 2008r2.

For this article, we are going to assume that you decided on option #1.

Personally, I find the first option to be the best, even though it is least recommended by Microsoft.

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