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For example, Django makes this data available as an attribute of the Uploaded File object.

And another, similar to python-magic is available directly in the latest libmagic sources, and it is the one you probably have in your linux distribution.

Django是一个开源的Web应用框架,由Python写成,并于2005年7月在BSD许可证下发布。Django的主要目标是使得开发复杂的、数据库驱动的网站变得简单。Django采用MVC设计模式注重组件的重用性和“可插拔性”,敏捷开发和DRY法则(Don't Repeat Yourself)。在Django中Python被普遍使用,甚至包括配置文件和数据模型。本文介绍Django在Linux(Ubuntu 14.04.2) My SQL(5.5.43)环境下安装、配置的过程,包括安装、运行、添加应用的所有流程,最终建立一个可以从My SQL读取文章并显示的Django应用。文章面向刚接触Python/Django的初学者,所以安装过程都以默认环境为主,用pip可以简化安装过程。 首先下载Django,得到 show tables; ---------------------------- | Tables_in_dmyz | ---------------------------- | auth_group | auth_group_permissions | auth_permission | auth_user | auth_user_groups | auth_user_user_permissions | django_admin_log | django_content_type | django_migrations | django_session ---------------------------- 10 rows in set (0.00 sec) from urls import include, url from django.contrib import admin from .

import views #引入views urlpatterns = [ url(r'^admin/', include(urls)), url(r'^$', views.home),#增加一条URL规则,r'^$'表示首页(/) ] INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', 'django_openid_auth', 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.sessions', #……

The second element is an iterable of 2-tuples, with each 2-tuple containing a value and a human-readable name for an option.

If this is given, the default form widget will be a select box with these choices instead of the standard text field.Everything works fine on the admin side of things but when I make an image change on the front, it doesn't get saved. Char Field(max_length= 90, default="Enter petition title here") created_on = models. Image Field(null=False, upload_to=imageupload) video = models. Char Field(max_length=600, default="Enter an external video link") petition = models.Here is my model def imageupload(instance, filename): return join('static/petition-photos/', filename) # Create your models here. Text Field(null=False, default="Type your petition here") created_by = models. I'm certain I'm doing something really obviously stupid, but I've been trying to figure it out for a few hours now and nothing is jumping out at me. The two Image Fields do not work and they're why I'm here today.I'm using a Model Form so I can expose a few fields from a model for editing. I'm using Django 1.0.2 Here's the relevant code (ask if you need more -- and I'm not including the HTML because that part appears to work fine): Model: def admin_edit(request, company_slug): company = get_object_or_404(Company, slug = company_slug) f = Admin Edit Form(instance = company) if request.method == 'POST': f = Admin Edit Form(request.

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