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Both nourished the meetings of different genres, tastes and ideas – whether it was avant-garde, salsa, calypso or noise – blending it all into a hybrid of global grooves and urban decay.Earlier this year Light in the Attic re-released Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s seminal debut record, Press Color, attracting renewed attention for both Descloux and ZE Records.This site is for adult men and women who feel they can't get what they want at regular dating sites!Whether you're looking for a relationship, want sex or simply want to meet new people, then you are at the right dating site.Heeled boots, studded with glitter, have begun to moult in the autumn damp; wherever Adele settles around the room she leaves behind traces of sparkle.Jet black fakeys have been glued to her fingernails, but they’re in ruins – bitten away.We used the opportunity to Skype up with Michel Esteban, currently based in Thailand (and recovering from a broken collarbone due to a recent motorcycle accident) for a chat about ZE Records and his fascinating career, as well as French new wave, British punk, and of course the brilliant heyday of the New York underground and downtown scenes. We aim to provide the most extensive library of witty icebreakers you can find online.

The sound of ZE Records and the sound of New York are inherently linked.In the middle of it all, Michael Zilkha, the affluent heir of a U. retail chain, and Michel Esteban, owner of an iconic Parisian concept store, willfully entered the zeitgeist and became crucial parts of it all – absorbing both the filthy no wave and punk rock from CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City, as well as the energetic and rhythmic underground disco from clubs like Paradise Garage and the Loft.In just a few years they released significant and influential recordings by artists like Was (Not Was), Suicide, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Lydia Lunch, James White (a.k.a.First thing tomorrow, liner notes and promotional literature will begin to churn from print presses. Though you expect some sort of nuke or pandemic would have to wipe out most of the waiting public first. You don’t know.” hen I first met Adele, five years ago, we didn’t know. ”) and at the same time it creates real or imagined distance. This isn’t common, a musician going dark at a time of high commercial appeal, and it seemed to baffle and even annoy people in her industry.In the midst of a broken city, where rising crime, frequent blackouts and piling garbage made up the scenery, artistic spirits from all over found a creative haven to express their own art.

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The city’s miscellaneous scenes also opened up for a multitude of constellations across different genres, embracing both the nihilistic and the hedonistic.

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