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There is so much info on how to answer these questions, there is NO reason you should not be prepared for these.I debated even adding this section, but what interview resource would be complete without them?Some answers will end the interview; others will not only keep it going, but gain you points along the way. Tell them not only WHAT you did, but HOW you did it. The HOW you accomplished it will separate you from the rest of the pack. At no point in the interview do I want to hear you negative about anybody or anything. I don’t want to hear a hater, someone who is bitter, holds resentment, or hasn’t moved on from past positions.For each question that I ask, I am “hoping” for an example that demonstrates prior behavior (which is an indicator of future behavior) and something I can use to sell your skill set to the hiring manager. All job interview questions are opportunities to show you are someone I want to work with.

Economists predict only moderate job growth in 2011 – signaling continued competition for the jobs that are available.With the mindset that an interview will only last 30 to 60 minutes, you will probably only be asked 10-20 job interview questions after small talk.With this limited time, we can be confident that the job interview questions will be similar to those below.Answer these job interview questions on paper and compare your responses to the next page.I really encourage you to practice your answer out loud with a script.

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Whether you want to crack a few smiles, really get to know him or just want to play an amusing game of 20 questions, the questions put together below can truly be hilarious to ask the guy you like!

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