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Announced: 05/21/2017Ben Armstrong This twisted horror show host has an Emmy nomination for Tales from 6 Feet Under and a Telly Award for The True Netherworld Story of the Harvestman.In recent years he has hosted many events and spent his spare time creating evil scenarios and vile experiences for Netherworld Haunted House.Encryption has a long history dating back to when the ancient Greeks and Romans sent secret messages by substituting letters only decipherable with a secret key.Join us for a quick history lesson and learn more about how encryption works.Dave Gibbons established himself in underground comics and fanzines in Britain before becoming a frequent contributor to the seminal 2000AD, illustrating HARLEM HEROES, DAN DARE and co-creating ROGUE TROOPER.Since then, he has drawn and written for most comics publishers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Paige Gardner Paige Gardner is an award-winning costume designer whose unique masks, bizarre props and eccentrically original costumes make her art recognizable world-wide. Hunter is an active member of the SFWA and a full-time novelist with nine titles currently available.

He was appointed "Comics Laureate" in 2014, with the brief to develop the use of comics in education and, in 2015, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Dundee.

Follow him on Twitter DAVE GIBBONS VIP PACKAGEThis VIP Package will benefit the Hero Initiative and is extremely limited, so be sure to buy yours today!

During a public demonstration, in which Peter and Harry attend, a power spike causes the fusion reactor to destabilize.

Octavius refuses to shut down the reactor, which goes critical, killing his wife and shattering the inhibitor chip blocking the arms from his nervous system.

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Other simple encryption ciphers like the Polybius square used a polyalphabetic cipher that listed each letter with the corresponding numeric positions across the top and side to tell where the position of the letter was.

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