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READ MORE They say no beauty without pain, but Gretchen Rossi barely broke a sweat going under the laser. you can see the before and after instantly as she undergoes a procedure…

"When Donn read me the vows he wrote, I was so happy," she explained.Even though Gretchen really wants a child of her own, she knows that Smiley is already a parent.He is currently dealing with a very sick son, as Grayson is currently battling cancer — and things aren’t going so well.No, he's merely the latest in a string of men who've done double (or triple, more accurately) duty with the First Ladies of Bravo.We present to you the Tom D'Agostino When Luann first told the ladies about the new love in her life, Ramona Singer immediately piped up, claiming she'd dated him first. Turtle Time and Tom remains a point of contention among the ladies, though.

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“A year ago last November, a simple cold put Gray back in ICU on a ventilator, which triggered a series of setbacks that he has been unable to recover from,” Michelle Arroyo, Grayson’s mother, has revealed on a website created in his name.

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