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He was asked if he was worried about getting old, to which he responded: "No not really.

I've kind of accepted it, that I'm no longer this young sex symbol that I potentially used to be at the start of my career. You kind of mature into that." The rugby star, who will next week move to France to play for the club Racing Metro, is married to former Black Sticks player Honor Carter (nee Dillon), with whom he has two young sons, Marco and Fox.

But exclusive pictures show friends and family relaxing together in the lush grounds the next day.

Another guest took the hi-jinks a step further to skinny dip, his modesty protected only by a yellow kayak.

There'll be no more will-she or won't-she for this happy pair.

All Black Dan Carter knows how to keep his woman happy.

The 28 year old’s impressive bling overshadowed all else, even the bottles of champagne she was carrying.

Last month Dan, also 28, planned a romantic weekend in Queenstown for his girlfriend of 8 years.

The betrothed couple has since returned to the jeweller to design Honor’s magnificent ring together, rumored to be platinum and diamond."You start to read into things like that," he said."A combination of things led to me thinking 'Why don't I just quit now?By the time I got there, there were people coming out of their houses crying and neighbours returning home shocked.There was liquefaction, silt all over the roads, fire sirens going off everywhere, it was just like a bomb site.

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The bride's dress was cut low at the back with a crossover bodice, while the groom wore a custom Crane Brothers morning suit. "She's a sportsperson and they tend to look at slightly sleeker things and not really fluffy, tizzy dresses at all.

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