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I'm single (not rushing in a relationship), lesbian, have my beautiful daughter who is my Number one, working on my Bach in creative writing. I swear a lot, but not in the presence of children or old folks....

Currently in michigan but moving to California asap. I love to dance and sing karaoke and l play a mean pool game.

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She said she heard a loud woman screaming; door handles shaking violently; the dresser being moved, an... Long Beach, California - Too many occasions of a strong spiritual presence or something evil or malicious has been following me for years affecting my dreams and my daughter's dreams as well.

Chowchilla, California - This town Chowchilla, CA is plagued with black shadow people. I need help from someone who is aware of these things. Whittier, California - I saw a large dark figure that looked like a tall man in old clothes with Quaker hat in the alley between Greenleaf and Newlin in the alley on Thursday May 18th 1030 pm.

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