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However, with the advent of modernity and the constant throng of romance seen on the Internet, TV and Western movies, a new kind of dating in Morocco has been created: Secret Dating.

When walking through the lush gardens of the Kasbah, I was shocked and stunned to see young lovers, somewhat hidden from view, in the process of making out.

Personally, my Moroccan ex-bf liked to think he was progressive but he was not.

He originally told me that he did not care that I am atheist, and then later he admitted that he wanted me to convert to Islam.

She asked me out on the 2nd date when she didnt hear from me after a week. If she made the first move and know that you’re not Muslim then she's very interested in you and doesn’t mind if you’re not from her religion.

I don't have any experience dating moroccan girls and definitely not someone who do believe something related to Islam.... hi, Moroccan people- in this case Morroccan women-are very diverse: you can find very religious people who would only date/marry within their culture and religion and other who are modern and not very religious etc…

When I would try to talk to him about what he was doing and how wrong it was he would quickly try to change the subject.

I enjoy her company and we have the same family backgrounds so we understand each other quite well.

Submitted by american_girl (United States), Feb 2, 2011 at I am an American who dated a Moroccan for two years. If he is open minded or assimilated to American culture than you should have no problem.

Nowadays, Kasbahs are still a beautiful place to live, with its traditional whitewashed and brilliant blue blue painted buildings and stunning, winding alleyways with gorgeous, lush gardens and views of either the landscape or in Oudaias case, the magnificent blue sea.

With Khadija as our tour guide, we spent the afternoon exploring the lovely Kasbah and all its splendors, including the hidden Moroccan dating game.

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