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We draw on qualitative data collected from 2008 to 2009 from three AL communities varying in size, location, and resident characteristics.Data collection methods included participant observation, and informal and formal, in-depth interviews with residents, administrators, and AL staff.Social relationships—the recurrent patterns of interaction with others—have profound effects on individuals’ physical and mental well being throughout the life course (Antonucci, Birditt, & Akiyama, 2009).The protective influences of supportive social relationships are especially important in later life when the risk of social isolation and loneliness increases alongside decreases in social network size and activity that commonly accompany life course transitions such as widowhood and health decline (Antonucci, Akiyama, & Takahashi, 2004).

We discuss implications for practice including the need for useable spaces, thoughtful activity programming, and the promotion of neighboring through staff and family involvement. An old Punjabi adage goes: ‘Anyone who hasn’t seen Lahore It’s the country’s cultural capital, and it’s where Pakistan’s Islamic identity was born. It’s the capital of Pakistan’s populous Punjab province, split between India and Pakistan when they became independent from Britain in 1947.My stance was mildly antagonistic: that the word itself distracts from what it is trying to achieve.The post was founded in a socially needy place and articulated in the manner of a sloth asked to pen a thesis on time constraints (complete with Greg Wallace’s heavy breathing).

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You are obliged to provide each of your employees with a written statement or an employment contract setting out certain terms and conditions that govern your employment relationship, so that they are aware of the main terms of their employment.

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