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So, I say to Nastassja Kinski, tell me about that story I've read about you and Paul Schrader, your director on Cat People (1982); the one in which you break off your romance with him and say: "Paul, I always f- my directors. "Give it to somebody else – it's not mine." The German-born actress laughs, as she often does.

And with you, it was difficult." The dreaminess disappears from Kinski's grey-green eyes, and her melancholy, oddly tentative voice takes on an edge: "You know what," she says, crumbling the remains of a blueberry muffin, "that's one of those idiotic, unbelievable things where you go: 'What! "But it could not be further from who I am or what I actually said. I think people imagined so many things, put together so many interpretations when they saw me, years ago.

They didn’t become close friends, however, until the spring of 2010, when Shepard, who was 50 years old at the time, called Dixon, who was then 46, and mentioned that his wife had informed him that she had been unhappy for the past three or four years and wanted a divorce. He told Shepard that his wife had just served him with divorce papers.

She had caught him having an affair with a 47-year-old woman named Richelle Shetina, who had been coming to Sensei Med Spa, a small day spa that Dixon owned.

Dixon didn’t seem very upset that he was getting a divorce.

He said that he had never before been with a woman as beautiful as Shetina. He told his friend that he was convinced they had a promising future together, and they were even talking about marriage.

They had drinks at Butler’s Martini Bar, they watched football at Hummer’s Sports Cafe, and they popped over to Buffalo Wild Wings, where Dixon competed in trivia contests while Shepard flirted with the waitresses. Dixon, who was five feet eleven inches tall and 185 pounds, was a hardworking doctor—“very caring, very compassionate,” one nurse said—who performed as many as three surgeries a day.He bragged that he had once worked as a bodyguard for billionaire oilman T. The two men had met just after Dixon opened his medical practice, in 2003.They began running into each other at a local tobacco shop, where they sat in the smoking room and puffed on cigars.An energetic five-year-old boy spent an hour taking on a baby gorilla in a bizarre dance off at a busy zoo.The youngster, called Riley, went up to the window at Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, USA, to get a better look at the gorillas in the enclosure.

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