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I’ve collected three statistics related to the latter.

First, number of officers feloniously killed since 1961; second, the rate of felonious deaths per 100,000 officers since 1989; and finally, average felonious deaths per five-year period since 1961.

One comment from the 1990 UCR report I found very interesting: “The 1990 total was the lowest since the FBI started collecting such data in the 1960s.” I was able to find online older UCR report up until 1961, and that has made me somewhat confident that my data goes back to the first years that the FBI started to keep track of this number. Next, felonious killings per 100,000 officers since 1989 You’ll see from the data source in the next section that the number of officers has grown from about 400,000 officers in 1990 to about 530,000 officers in 2000.

I’d like to keep updating this as new data comes in so that it can be a complete and easily-searchable source of for these numbers. Here’s the summary: In general, the job of policing has become much safer since 1961. Still, this decline in the rate of killings isn’t just driven by an expanding denominator (number of officers), but also a declining numerator (number of killings).

Soon after, Giddings turned to Lee Jundt, the Gladstone officer he shot.Dukes for the misdemeanor of driving with an unauthorized license plate. Dukes faced after his shooting represent a particularly troublesome scenario that many ex-felons experience in police brutality cases.Police brutality victims must confront two very challenging situations: (1) how to successfully overcome the government's criminal allegation that the suspect/victim aggressed the police, and (2) simultaneously preserve the ability to bring a civil rights violation as a plaintiff/victim against the police for the true brutality suffered.Giddings, who was shot twice by SWAT officers inside the Subway to end the standoff, said to his attorney during a brief court recess that he wished the snipers "had done a better job." Giddings had left a Northeast Portland halfway house without permission and had been on the loose a week when Gladstone police tried to stop him as he was riding a bike against oncoming traffic along Southeast Mc Loughlin Boulevard. Giddings then fired 15 times at Jundt as he was in his patrol car.He has more than two-dozen criminal convictions dating to 1991. It's not clear how many times Jundt was hit, but court documents say he was struck at least once in his arm.

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A convicted felon who shot a Gladstone police sergeant and held two employees hostage inside a Subway last August apologized Friday to one worker, thanked his attorney, then unleashed an expletive at police before he was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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