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FTA offers training for IR revalidations in our Alsim FNPTII Diamond DA42 Twin Star Simulator.

* one hour must be with a Flight Instructor, logged as training (P u/t) (make sure to get it signed! Note: that if you pass a flying test with an examiner for something else, such as: an IMC (re-)Test, a Multi-Engine (re-) Test, or a Seaplane (re-)Test, the 'instructor flight' is not needed, even if the test you passed did not last an hour. That's all very well, but I have an NPPL licence - isn't that different? From 31st January 2008 the revalidation requirements for the NPPL holder are broadly the same as set out in Q1 above.If you would like to renew or revalidate your licence, contact our team today.Recent changes in legislation mean that you can revalidate your IR every other year in a FNPTII simulator (Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer).This privilege initially lasts for two years from the date of passing the skills test.You can fly more complex aircraft within the class if you have ‘differences training’ signed off in your log book by a suitable instructor.

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