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During the skit, the two women make out with each other instead of getting snacks for their husbands, who happen to be watching the Super Bowl.So does this mean that Kristen Stewart used her ‘Saturday Night Performance’ to shade Robert Pattinson? Kristen has made it clear that she is trying to put her Robert Pattinson and ‘Twilight’ days behind her.Yet, fans couldn’t help but notice that Kristen used her ‘Saturday Nighty Monologue’ to talk about her sexual identity.During the end of her monologue she told the audience, “I’m, like, so gay, dude.” She even performed a steamy skit with Vanesa Bayer in a prerecorded mock ad for Totino’s pizza roles.

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have been seeing each other and for long wedding speculations have been rife when it comes to this Hollywood couple.

Pattinson and Twigs started dating after the actor ended his famous relationship with his former girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart in 2013.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have been keeping a low profile as of late, but on Sunday, the couple was spotted grabbing dinner in London.

Rob has yet to comment on the situation, but perhaps he's just too busy planning his wedding to Twigs.

Kristen Stewart used her performance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to send out a clear message to the world.

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