Spring payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas

You can find more information visit this link So lets start first by developing our XSD....This is a plain regular xsd where we will define all our xml elements going to create our wsdl file.Can we refer to the schema inside the wsdl with the same attribute i.e schema Location ? For details, please refer to page 32 in my e-book: Hope this helps.

This can be defined in the xml complex typeas follows...Please let me know I have never tried this with Schemas, but the following trick works with DTDs: define an Entity Resolver that loads your schema data from the classpath, and assign the Entity Resolver to your parser using JAXP. SAXParse Exception: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'component'. Looks like, a prefix is expected for the elements in the XML. You said you got the error resloved but I am not able to.please find the details:-Xslt Tutorial.java:-import parsers.*;import sax.*;import sax.helpers.*;import *;// A Simple SAX Application using JAXP with Namespace supportpublic class Xslt Tutorial Schema Loader.java:-import parsers.*;import sax.*;import sax.helpers.*;import *;public class Schema Loader implements Entity Resolver Please let me know the suggestions for the same.The Entity Resolver's loading mechanism can replace the parser's loading mechanism with any logic that you like. Some had expressed the suspection that this could be bug in xerces. This trick helped me for to validate against a schema with Xerces2-J. As it may help others too, here is the code:---------The code to parse (it uses dom4j, but the same can be done using plain SAX): // turn validation on org.dom4 SAXReader(true); // set the validation feature to true to report validation errors Feature(" // set the validation/schema feature to true to report validation errors against a schema Feature(" true); // set the validation/schema-full-checking feature to true to enable full schema, grammar-constraint checking Feature(" true); // set the schema Property(" Location", "file://config/schema/commons.xsd"); // set the entity resolver (to load the schema with get Resource As Stream) Entity Resolver(new Schema Loader()); Input Stream stream = XMLUtils.Class Loader()Resource As Stream(filename); if(stream == null) org.dom4j.I tried looking up the web for bean API but somehow didnt get some good resources to read, It would be great if anyone of you out here throw some light on this. Thanks Ivan, I have seperated the xsd information into a seperate xsd file and now I am referring to the schema Location with the xsd file location and all works fine. I would yet again try to explain and this time a little clearer. XML Schema file through which the jaxb marshalling and unmarshalling will work.My question was can we use the schema Location with wsdl file containing the xsd information? I have seperated the xsd information into a seperate xsd file and now I am referring to the schema Location with the xsd file location and all works fine. ..I must admit that I do not quite understand the above question either. Sorry if I was not able to communicate my question properly. So, we have the following line of code for marshaller: As you can see the second property for jaxb2marshaller is the schema Location property which has the path to my Extended

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