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I think people (usually men) get freaked out when they hear the word “dating” and automatically think “dating” means you are in a monogamous relationship. Yes…if you only go on one date it is not considered dating.But if you’ve gone on multiple dates (three to be safe) with a person, then you two are dating. A date doesn’t begin with going over to a guy’s house to borrow a hammer after 9pm and end up banging it out for an hour.If you and your friend are both interested and available, it could be the start of a new relationship. Since relationships of any type are rarely cut and dried, you’ll need more than a feeling to confirm whether or not your friendship is platonic or moving toward romance. You’ve Thought About Your Friend In More Than a Strictly Platonic Way If you’ve daydreamed about your friend in a romantic way, it means you’re developing feelings.It doesn’t mean your relationship has crossed a line yet (unless you’ve acted on those feelings), but it does mean that somewhere in your mind you’re considering things. If you or your friend are involved with someone, you should back off and get your friendship back to a platonic only status.The girl who sits in the cabin beside you at the workplace may not be your friend. However, you can definitely date a person a couple of times and get an idea about whether you would want to enter into a relationship with him/her or not. Want to really know the difference between friends and dating?

If you’re feeling confused, take some time to examine your relationship. Do you want to try to take the relationship to the next level?Think about specific examples of times that you’ve experienced feelings of love. There are ways you can figure this out without risking the friendship.How do you know when your friendship is really just that, or something a little more? If you’re worried or wondering about whether your friendship might be more than just platonic, chances are it is already edging toward the “something more” side of things.Hooking up usually constitutes going straight to the bedroom or living room (whichever you prefer) without dinner or drinks beforehand in a public place.Hook-ups are usually initiated by flirty text messages, a facebook message or a DM (Yes, some men go fishing on Twitter and Instagram via direct message) and happen after the hours of 9 pm and may include sporadic sexting throughout the week.

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A date consists of two people making plans to go out to a public place over dinner or drinks with the intent to get to know one another better (not just to get laid). Hook-up Text another Hook-up = Hooking-up You meet a guy at a bar, flirting happens, you share a kiss, you go back to his house and you hook up.

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