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New transport developments and plenty of new police have opened up the city to travellers keen to take advantage of its great nightlife and friendly atmosphere.However, the speed of this transformation means progress has been a little patchy.Talk to someone at your hotel about your plans for the day before you go out and they can recommend the best route.As a general rule the north and east of the city are O. The Plaza Bolivar is a great spot to visit but you don't want to wander too far outside its bounds. After a gap of 10 years, Colombia is back on the traveller's radar thanks to the restoration of direct flights from the UK.Avianca (08;, flies to Bogota four times a week from Heathrow, with connections to destinations across the continent.The market may seem chaotic at first but the minute you completely dive into the vibes, you will feel the happiness this place spreads.Late Morning/Midday: 9am – 2pm Your next stop should be La Candelaria — the historical centre of Bogotá.

Even very poor people will still do this, they’ll own just one nice pair of dress pants that they wear every single day and wash and iron every single night if they have to, only the worst of the worst don’t–they’re not being snobs, this isn’t our culture, it’s not the same as if you were to do this here.

Avianca has the only non-stop flights from Britain; for other UK departure points and/or lower fares, the main choices are Air France via Paris, Lufthansa via Frankfurt and Iberia via Madrid; US carriers have many routes, but these require you to clear American immigration.

Official airport taxis (yellow and white) are the quickest onward option, taking around 20 minutes to the centre, and costing from 15,000 Colombian pesos (£4.50), depending on traffic.

Observe Bogotános buying groceries and feel the special atmosphere this place has to offer.

Every seller is an expert in his or her small stand’s wares, and they will happily give you all the details about their products.

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) and you’re the one being weird, I’m just telling you what’s socially acceptable and what’s not and why.

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