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Use the start parameter to skip a number of records and the limit parameter to limit the number of records returned.A Data View offers a filtered and/or formatted view on a Data Set.The two fields that I am updating do not update until after I leave the event and go back in. I actually have SQL open on a different monitor, and I'm stepping through to see when it updates. I've tried debugging and nothing seems to be wrong. I do not want to force the user to take focus from the event and go back for this to update properly. Someone in a different user group suggested that I put o Trans. It seems that no matter what I try, it only updates when I leave the event. You add and customize Data Views using Share Point Designer 2010.Share Point Designer 2010 includes a rich set of tools that you can use to customize list and Data Views as shown here.i also tried to use one Data View and change the template but with no results...

I'm a little more used to contacting SQL servers instead of XML files, but have managed to read from the XML file and read/display the data.Each row will have color status indicator and a droplist where user can select name and pass the value on Assign button to execute list update. A Data View is a live, customizable view of a data source from a Share Point site.Learn more about creating views and forms in the See Also section.Returns the data to the requesting user based on ‘start’ and/or ‘limit’ query parameters.

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