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I setjust 2 Bound Fields associated to Name and Email, and works fine...until I check the another 2 fields in database... We were unable to reproduce it with the instructions provided.

Name = "Joe Coder" // edited Age = // nullified by Details View Email = "[email protected]" // edited Alternate Email = // nullified by Details View The Details View use my Update method, what takes one Person object asparameter, correctly changes these 2 fields, but the another fields (Age and Alternate Email) comes with null values!!! If you choose to reactivate this issue, please provide additional detail, specific repro steps or attach files that will enable us to reproduce the problem ourselves.

Create a handler for the Object Data Source Updated event in your codebehind.

One of the parameters to this handler is of type Object Data Source Status Event Args.

I set the Person class to Data Object Type Name property of Object Data Source.

Then By Example: Name = "Joe"Age = 30Email = "[email protected]"Alternate Email = "[email protected]"In my Details View, I wish edit ONLY the Name and Email fields.

I use an object Data Store to insert the records from a form.

But when inserting into the database, I might get an error. But how do I return some data back into the aspx file?

" I believe the simple answer is: it knows because of the Bind statements you put in the Text Box controls. txt Address has "Bind("Address")" so when the update is called, it has a connection between txt Address and parameter "Address" I believe this is correct.I've also linked a profiler to the database and the update command is never sent.The code was originally added to a updatepanel but i've read on other threads that there is a problem with some ajax Control Toolkit and updatepanel not updating.Alternatively you may find additional information by searching or posting to the ASP. Finally, if you submitted this bug because of a blocking problem you’re experiencing and continue to experience, you may want to also open a support call with Microsoft Professional Services (LN=en-us&scid=gp;en-us;offerprophone&x=8&y=14), which is a better support option when you’re experiencing business impact for your problem and are unable to resolve it in a timely manner on forums or other support channels. tabid=63 (By Scott Mitchel)[Quote]In the editing interfaces from the previous tutorial all product fields that were not read-only had to be included.

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Just one a glitch when it comes to fetching grid with sorted columns.

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