Updating timezone on redhat9

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Regards I believe that the attribute is based on the current date/time of the domain controller that records the attribute. AD uses system time and doesn't have independent timekeeping). i hope, i can tell my questions:) 'cause my english not good. Mesut KOSUCUSoftware Engineer...retrive password expiration date for users in active directory hi, i'm using with c#.

I'm trying to retrive users from Active Directory, that has been updated after a given date, using a Directory Services. The problem is I don't get the filter to work, I've tried the following: Directory Searcher Searcher = new Directory Searcher(Root DSE); Searcher.

Filter = "(When-Changed The attribute 'when Changed' is a Generalized-Time string - so it must be in that format. If you wanted to specify a differential, supply the offset (e.g. hth- thanks dunnry your reply to this thread helps me. Is when Changed exactly the date and time of the domain controller or not?

can any one send me the coding for this using c#.................................. Please follow this threadhow to get password expiration date for a user in Active directory Hosam Kamel Remember to click on Mark as answer on the post that helped you hi, ...

Understanding the Security Implication of Active Directory Default Settings Part II of An Audit of Active Directory Security Regard: [email protected]� 1216771 Ont. "Nothing is more damaging to a new truth than an old error" ... Suppose I have a Login Id "user1" from one of the three Active Directory Domains how can I authenticate it? I can authenticate from the Active Directory Domain where my current system Account is logged in.

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