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The series’s writer Robert Thorogood noted how the Met had sent detectives to assist the local force.

In fact, the show’s premise originated with a Telegraph report about the death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer at the 2007 Cricket World Cup in Jamaica.

London-born Ben was raised, along with his two younger sisters, by his lecturer father Michael and teacher mum Marion in Nantwich.

He studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and was halfway through a Ph D in quantum physics when, in 1992, he met Alexander Armstrong.

The island looks exquisite on screen but this came at a price.

By year’s end, he will have achieved the following: lead role in an eight-part drama, six months in Guadeloupe, basic French, directorial debut, science book, sitcom pilot, stage play, divorce, baby. “It was only after I’d been there a couple of weeks and saw some stuff cut together that I thought, ‘Right, it’s basically Inspector Clouseau.’” Guadeloupe was chosen by the French channel that jointly made the series with the BBC; hence Miller’s new language skills, cultivated off set.

Sienna, who was previously engaged to the ever-hunky Jude Law, is no stranger to insidious rumors.

She was said to have had an affair with James Bond, err, Daniel Craig in a scandal that erupted after the now defunct News of the World hacked Law's phone and released audio of him yelling at Craig for his behavior.

A wonderful article by John Kane and Leslie Leaney was published in the Historical Diver Magazine, Fall , 2001 Issue gave dates, facts and technical information. “To begin with I thought I was in The Wire,” Miller laughs. ” he says, as we meet to tackle the first item on that list, a BBC One detective show called Death in Paradise. That’s where real-life comparisons end, however, since Death in Paradise is really a light-hearted, Agatha Christie-style whodunit-of-the-week that nestles somewhere between comedy and drama.John Kane contacted Ben and asked permission to do this article and Ben gave him all the information.This was good as I would have been unable to be exact about dates etc..

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Combining the urgency of rock and roll, the frenetic energy of bluegrass, the soul of the delta blues and the haunted spirit of Appalachian mountain music into a unique musical stew they dub “Ozark Stomp,” Ben Miller Band will release its first album for New West Records August 5th.

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