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Naomi Campbell and Lenny Kravitz sparked fake dating rumors after leaving Gigi Hadid’s birthday party at the Nice Guy in LA.They held hands and even smooched inside his car, but a Kravitz source said it was all in fun. They found it funny and were just being flirtatious and having fun for the cameras.” Earlier, they attended Campbell’s Taschen book party with Quincy Jones, Dave Chappelle, Kim Kardashian, P. Kristen Zang, a model who dated Leo for two years (1996-1998), accompanied the actor to the premiere of Romeo Juilet.

I am very proud of Adam." She recently renewed her relationship with Ireland. I just love hot sauce." When was the last time you cried? When she closed Roberto Cavalli's show in 2012 - wearing a dress "slashed to her navel", as Elle magazine noted - Cavalli declared: "If there was an Oscar for 'world's greatest model', then I would give it to Naomi Campbell, no question." If you come to fame not understanding who you are, they say it will define who you are. It made my family proud.") I ask her what she was like when she started modelling - did she have an attitude? Though Vladislav Doronin and Naomi Campbell have previously claimed that his longtime estranged wife was cool with their relationship, the "soon-to-be-ex" Ekaterina, is crying foul and BLAMING Naomi for their pending divorce! Vladislav Doronin's estranged wife, Ekaterina, claims that Naomi Campbell is the reason that she and her husband are divorcing.But wait.....before you side with Ekaterina, it's important to note that the couple been separated for almost 10 years BEFORE Naomi and Vladislav even started dating!The supermodel appears as happy when she's waxing lyrical on a popular brand of Irish kebab, as she is when she's holding forth on the joys of Yves Saint Laurent, Prada or Gucci. It's nice to know people for so long and still have a relationship. Sitting in the dressing room in Dublin, the superstar is wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe ("I'm freezing! Naomi now has a cotton bud, with which she is dabbing her eye. Naomi Campbell came to it at 15 years of age, in 1985, when she was discovered, as she window-shopped in London's Covent Garden, wearing her school uniform, by a lady called Beth Boldt. What brought on this fast-food epiphany was, in fact, Naomi remembering the high times in Dublin, when she was engaged to a certain Adam Clayton in 1994. " she says of U2's former nightclub in the basement of the Clarence Hotel in Temple Bar. Then after that you had Abrakebabra for a kebab on the way home! "I went to see the concert in LA, and I'm friends with the whole band. ") Admittedly, under this pink monstrosity, she is wearing a navy Alexander Mc Queen dress, a pair of Jimmy Choos, and jewellery from the Curragh collection by Newbridge Silverware. The ingenue from Streatham, south London, would soon go on to appear on the covers of thousands of magazine covers internationally; from French Vogue at the age of 18 - she was that magazine's first ever black face on the cover; to Time. Do you ever wonder who this little girl was - and look at where she is now?

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In addition to her modelling career, Campbell has embarked on other ventures, which include an R&B-pop studio album and several acting appearances in film and television, such as the modelling competition reality show The Face and its international offshoots.

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