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Despite living in a society that supposedly shed its sexual shackles fifty years ago, we are still extraordinarily traditional.Over 70 per cent of women born in 1970 had been married by age 40, while the Centre for Population Change predicts women born in 1980 will also marry at high rates – albeit later.She plays Fleeta Mullins, who works with Ashley Judd at a pharmacy and sports an Afro that threatens to overtake the big screen.“It’s a wild wig, it looks like I ate most of the cast,” Goldberg jokes. She’s very odd and very curmudgeonly and kind of funny.”She says her pal, author Adriana Trigiani, wrote the part for her, and she’s happy the movie finally got made from the novel after 12 years of trying to bring it to the screen. Is Goldberg – who writes that she’s busy just trying to figure out what her “evil” cat Oliver wants -- open to it?“I’m sure something may come along but I’m not looking for a relationship that way,” she says. I’m not looking for someone to make me feel better.1 of 2 select by tim 10/7/15 PM -- New York, NY -- Whoopi Goldberg, backstage at her talk show, "The View" in New York City on October 7, 2015.Goldberg has a new book called "If Someone Says You Complete Me, Run!Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.”She thinks single women should be able to have sex without being judged (“After a certain age you’re not going to get pregnant, go get laid! And she doesn’t understand people who are afraid to be alone.

Her parents separated while she was still a young girl.

I can spend as much time with somebody as I want to spend, but I’m not looking to be with somebody forever or live with someone.” "I’m the round peg, and marriage is the square hole,” she explained.

Unique point of view: Whoopi Goldberg, who has been married three times, has a deal with Hachette Books for a 'provocative' take on the 'downsides' of marriage, which is set to hit shelves next September'I've realized there are certain things you have to come to terms with in life, like managing your own expectations, telling the truth, reconciling true love with other aspects of your life, including wealth or even celebrity.

hoopi Goldberg has no problem attracting men: she’s been married three times and had love affairs with men including Timothy Dalton and Ted Danson.

Yet unlike her celebrity sisters who just kept going (think of Goldberg’s peers Liza Minelli and Christie Brinkley, both married four times, or the likes of Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, and Demi Moore – married thrice), Goldberg has called time on the allure of coupledom. She hasn’t just embraced being single (lots of people say they do that to avert seeming desperate), nor simply accepted her single "fate" while spending her evenings alone secretly shoving in chocolates or mooning over her exes.

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No, Goldberg has decided she’s actually happier outside a relationship, and come out and said as much.

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